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Ron Siegel’s Lobster Soup With Black Truffles And Sauteed Scallops For Two

Previously, on – * So, as I mentioned in my lobster stock write up, I wanted to make Chef Ron Siegel’s lobster  soup from his Iron Chef battle with Hiroyuki Sakai.  The recipe for the soup was scaled for the Iron Chef judges, and so I had to halve the amount to make […]

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Reproducing Nobu Intercontinental Hong Kong’s Sweet Corn And Scallop Salad

So as part of dinner this past Saturday night (6 Oct 2012), I thought I’d do an appetizer.  I remembered seeing an item on the Nobu Hong Kong menu when the restuarant first opened ( The item was Sweet Corn And Scallop Salad With Yuzu Dresssing (see  Looking the picture, I thought to myself, […]

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Broccoli With Creamy Spicy Sauce

…aka Spicy Broccoli Gratin, aka Broccoli With Dynamite Sauce I came across the following LA Times article on gratin at the end of Feb 2011(see,0,3254888.story) and it started me thinking. Broccoli’s one of my wife’s favorite vegetable; she adores Nobu’s creamy spicy sauce. So I decided it might be fun to combine both elements […]

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