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Michiba’s ‘Buddha Style’ Yellowtail and Daikon Nimono

With the recent unpredictable weather, I wanted to do something warm and comforting.  Only problem was, I hadn’t had a lot of time recently given the couple of surprises at work.  I’d been eyeing Iron Chef Michiba’s offering on Simply Ming which caused me to raise an eyebrow. Japanese yellowtail (Buri) daikon stew I could […]

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Morimoto Buri Bop

One of the dishes I like to do on weekends is Iron Chef Morimoto’s Buri Bop. I remember seeing this dish for the first time during Morimoto’s Battle Yellowtail on Iron Chef Japan.  I remember thinking to myself how appetizing this dish looked and how much I’d like to try the dish.   After having the […]

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