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Buckwheat (Soba) Pancakes And Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Nobu-Style

Previously, on – * So I wanted to try to make another breakfast item from the Nobu Hotel menu.  On the menu is Blueberry And Yuzu Soba Pancakes With  Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Yuzu Whipped Cream, Pecan Miso Butter, Maple Syrup. A picture of the item can be seen on p. 6 of the […]

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Scrambled Eggs (aka les oeufs brouillés)

I do decent fried eggs/omlettes, but every now and then I want scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Not the solid mass of stuff you get at hotel breakfast buffets, but the real soft, slighty wet creamy scramble that can be absorbed by some nice toast… I’ve tried making it over the years with inconsistent results.  So […]

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Nobu ‘Bagels And Lox’

Previously, on – * Continuing in the vein of breakfast,  I was intrigued by Nobu’s approach to ‘bagels and lox’ – a dish described here on p.4 of the pdf: As I understand it, the crispy sushi rice is covered in everything mix, given a schmear of tofu crema and topped with […]

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Tobanyaki For Breakfast

Previously, on – * * I must say I was inspired when I heard about a Nobu breakfast dish I hadn’t heard about before.  The dish appears on page 4 of the the in-room dining menu found online at: The dish is described as, “Breakfast Tobanyaki – Kurobuta sausage, onsen egg, […]

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