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Tobanyaki For Breakfast

Previously, on – * * I must say I was inspired when I heard about a Nobu breakfast dish I hadn’t heard about before.  The dish appears on page 4 of the the in-room dining menu found online at: Click to access NOBU-Dining-Upscale-In-Room%20Dining-1.pdf The dish is described as, “Breakfast Tobanyaki – Kurobuta […]

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Toban yaki, Nobu Style

One of the dishes I have ‘fun’ doing is the toban yaki dish from Nobu’s restaurants.  I was first served the dish (with toro) at Matsuhisa, LA as part of my omakase meal on  28 Dec 2005.  At Nobu Dallas (as of this writing), they do a salmon toban yaki; At Nobu Capetown, they do […]

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