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On Cherry Pie Filling

Ingredients do not recognize national boundaries -Iron Chef Michiba Fusion requires a strong culinary foundation, taking into account local products and showing restraint in applying twists, otherwise confusion results (paraphrase)                                                               […]

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…Jackson took a short drink, then turned his head, said, “ahhhgggg, it is so sweet. Too much sugar. Always the problem with my esposita’s–(lemonade)…” –Gods And Generals After a long day, sometimes I just want something bright, cold and refreshing.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve gotten a commercial lemonade, lemon/lime soda […]


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Yuzu Gelatin (aka Yuzu no Neri)

Previously, on – * * While my wife and I were visiting my parents, I contemplated how I would approach Murata-san’s Fruit Jelly dessert (Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine Of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant, p.186). After having done Iron Chef Chen’s almond pudding/tofu, I thought I’d try a dessert from Hiroko Shimbo’s The Japanese […]

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Yuzu Juice Used At Nobu Beijing

Just came across a picture from the head chef at Nobu Beijing. It was good to know that I’ve been using the bottled yuzu juice from the same manufacturer. Here’s the link to the picture –

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