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Scaling Shari (Sushi Rice For Nigiri)

I’d recently figured out that my family liked sushi rice made with 2 teaspoons of sushi vinegar per rice bowl of rice. As I began thinking about the holiday meal later this year, I began thinking about Matsuhisa-sama’s rice course – 5 pieces of nigiri as the last savory omakase course offering. Nobu: The Sushi […]


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Microbatch Vinegared Sushi Rice

Previously, on – * …The basic rice-to-vinegar ratio is 6:1 or 1 cup of vinegar for every 6 cups of uncooked rice… –Nobu:The Cookbook (p. 158) Sometimes I want sushi rice with dinner (think chirashi for two) but I don’t want to make a big amount of rice for sushi. So, I was […]

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Morimoto Sushi Rice Risotto (aka “shari-sotto”)

Previously, on – * * Back on 10 Oct 2007, I attended a Boston University demonstration/lecture by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.  At the end of the lecture and before the tastings, I asked Iron Chef Morimoto about his ‘shari-sotto’ from his cookbook.  I confirmed it was the same dish that he created […]

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