Ron Siegel’s Salmon On Shrimp Ravioli, Watercress Puree And Espelette Oil

During my honeymoon stay in San Francisco, I came across the May 2011 edition of Haute Living which had a recipe for Ron Siegel’s Salmon, Shrimp Ravioli with baby vegetables, watercress puree and espelette oil (see:  So I decided to see if I could make a serving of this for myself.

So the recipe was:

5 oz of salmon fillet
2 U9 shrimp, peeled cleaned, deveined
1/8 c of english peas
5 sugar snap peas
1 baby onion (I ended up going to 2 baby cippolini’s)
2 pasta sheets (cut 4 3″ pasta circles)
1 lemon (microplane zested)
1 lime (microplane zested)
1 orange (microplane zested)
1 beaten egg mixed with 1 tsp water for eggwash
salt/pepper to taste
espelette pepper oil (I couldn’t find this anywhere, so I had to make my own infusion: thank you, Ming Tsai) (about 1 t)
1 bunch watercress, leaves picked from the stems

For the espelette oil infusion
1 T of espelette pepper powder
3 oz of grapeseed oil

I toasted the pepper powder at 50% max power until it was just fragrant, pulled it off the stove.  I then poured the oil in and stirred it in and let it sit to cool to room temperature for about an hour.

Espelette pepper oil infusion

This infusion is based on Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger Chili Oil recipe (Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking, p. 230).  I had to let the oil sit for about 4 hours before using.

For the watercress puree
A bunch of watercress from Whole Foods was about 5 1/8 oz.
The leaves picked from the stems yielded about 1 5/8 oz.
The salvagable stems yielded about 2 7/8 oz

1 bunch of watercress

Watercress, leaves separated from stems

Blanched/Shocked watercress leaves

The leaves were blanched in boiling water for about 25-30 seconds, shocked in ice water and then pureed in my mini food processor as smooth as I could get it.  The puree was seasoned with about 3/16 teaspoon of 4:1 salt/pepper mix.

Watercress leaves after being puree'd in mini food processor

Dinner also included a salad of mixed greens with Thomas Keller’s Bouchon vinaigrette (the original recipe can be found here:

For the portion-reduced version of the recipe –
1 T dijon mustard
2 T red wine vinegar
6 T grapeseed oil

So the dressing was started by mixing the mustard and the vinegar.  2 T of the oil was added and

Preparing the Bouchon house vinaigrette

mixed in the mustard/vinegar combination. Then the remaining oil was incorporated 2 T at a time to make sure it was well blended.

Completed vinaigrette

A handful of baby greens mixed with 2 tablespoons of the Bouchon vinaigrette and a squeeze of lemon juice from half a lemon

To assemble the salad, I took a handful of mixed baby greens and tossed them with 2 tablespoons of the vinaigrette and a squeeze of lemon juice from half a lemon.

The completed baby greens wi\th Bouchon vinaigrette and lemon juice

While I was preparing the salad, I preheated my counter top oven to 350 degrees, washed, trimmed and split 2 little cipollini onions.  I had lined the counter top oven baking pan with foil

Preparing a cipollini for the oven

and wiped the surface with canola oil; rubbed the split cipollini’s with a little oil as well and put them on the baking pan.  I then covered the pan with foil and as soon as the oven was ready,  I popped the pan in to roast for about 25 minutes.

I then set about to prepare the rest of the main course. I measured out 1/8 cup of english peas, selected 5 sugar snap peas and blanched them and set them aside for plating.

1/8 of a cup of English peas for 1

Five sugar snap peas for 1

I pulled out fresh pasta sheets and took two out to cut ravioli circles for the shrimp ravioli.

Fresh pasta sheets for the shrimp ravioli

Cutting out pairs of ravioli circles

For each circle, I placed 1 U9 shrimp and pinch sprinkled (each) of lime, lemon, orange zest and sea salt (the original recipe called from zesting the lime, lemon and orange over the shrimp placed onto the bottom ravioli circle).

A lime, a lemon and an orange zested.....

I finger rubbed the edges with egg wash and sealed it with blank ravioli circle.  If I had to do it again, I would have bought U10 or U11 shrimp for this application.  The U9’s were almost too big.

Adding peeled deveined U9 shrimp seasoned with pinches of lime, lemon, orange zest and sea salt

ravioli's sealed by egg wash and fork tines (pressed around the rims)

Ravioli out after a 3 minute boil

While the ravioli were resting, I seasoned the salmon fillet with 4:1 salt/pepper mix and placed it into my wok with grapeseed oil. I seared the salmon fillet and then cooked it at 50% max heat for about 3 mins a side.  Once that was done, I warmed the watercress (about 2 tablespoons) in a small sautee pan (the same one I had used previously to make the espelette oil) and then began plating. As per Chef Siegel’s instructions, I put down the watercress puree first, and topped it with the two ravioli. Atop the ravioli, I placed the salmon and then the 5 sugar snap peas.  Around the salmon, I distribute the peas and place the 4 cipollini halves in the corner and then drizzled about 1 1/2 teaspoons of the espelette oil.

Ron Siegel's Salmon, Shrimp Ravioli, Watercress Puree, English and Sugar Snap Peas, Roasted Cipollini, Espelette Pepper Oil


Microplane zester – Sur La Table, Chestnut Hill, MA

Espelette Pepper Powder – Sur La Table, Chestnut Hill, MA

English Peas – Whole Foods, Newtonville, MA

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