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Perigueux Sauce, Morimoto-Style

Previously, on – * * So I was thinking about what to do with frozen duck breasts in my refridgerator.  After seeing Tiny Urban Kitchen’s Per Se report (, I thought ‘perfect! I bet I could make something like that!’.   So I decided I’d make roast duck breast with roasted baby […]

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On the importance of bone stocks

Previously, on – * * …You can’t have a good sauce if you start with a bad stock. Too many take stocks for granted…Every step of the way, you remove impurities. Everything follows from this.                                                       […]

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Veal Stock

Veal Stock. Well now, Connie Grigsby’s Perfect Additions has closed.  A phone conversation with Strauss Farms/Brand confirmed that they are no longer making their Glace De Veau. So I guess that this was the universe’s way of saying that it was time for me to learn how to make veal stock on my own. One […]

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Ingredient Alert: Strauss Brands Glace De Veau

Previously, on tastingmenu, * * I was sad about the departure of Perfect Additions’ products.  One of the things that attracted me to that product was that Perfect Additions’ beef stock used beef that was guaranteed to be fed a diet that included NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS. Since then, I’ve been hunting around for […]

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