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Michibia Sansho Miso Sauce

Previously, on – * * Recently, I was catching up on what Iron Chef Michiba was working on at https://, when I found this: https:// …. The secret recipe of「山椒味噌」(“Sansho-miso”). Though it is called the “secret,” in case of Michiba, he does not pass it on as a secret; it […]

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Nobu Miami Branzino Tempura With Florida Amazu Sauce

A couple of months ago I took an interest on trying Nobu Miami’s Branzino Tempura With Florida Amazu (p. 95, 96).  From past experience, making the branzino tempura itself wasn’t a big deal.  However, making the sauce was a surprise.  Both my wife and I felt the sauce was way too sweet; we actually wondered […]

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