Revisiting a sherry vinegar recipe

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While watching a recent episode of ATK’s called New England Classics, a taste test of sherry vinegars was featured:

I was intrigued since I’d made a Nobu West dish Mackerel ‘Shio-yaki’ And Vegetable Salad a while back and wondered how it would taste given a reviewed sherry vinegar. Since I couldn’t find the Test Kitchen’s Napa Valley Sherry Vinegar, I went and got the O Sherry to remake the dish (guessing that Bridget Lancaster’s palate was spot on).

My product selection to make the sherry vinegar dressing

My product selection to make the sherry vinegar dressing

So my wife helped out a little bit by washing the chinese cabbage (aka nappa) leaves to make sure they were really clean for the salad.  And I prepared all the other diced salad ingredients as per the recipe. We lucked out that HMart had really fresh Norwegian mackerel; and following my comment from my original article, I seasoned and simply broiled the mackerel without brushing/wiping the mackerel fillets with olive oil.  Sure enough after I broiled it for about 8 minutes, I got a nicely cooked mackerel with moist flesh under crispy skin.

I assembled the salad with 1/4 c of Frantoia extra virgin olive oil and 2 T of the sherry vinegar and 1 t of 4:1 salt/pepper mix. Upon plating the salad, I laid the freshly cooked mackerel on top.  On tasting the salad with the mackerel, I noticed how balanced the flavors were.  It seemed to me that this particular sherry vinegar had a much more rounded flavor and not as sharp as the Coulmela I had used previously.  I must say that I vastly prefer this vinegar to what I’d used before.  I would be curious to try the Gran Capirete and the Napa Valley reserves for this recipe in the future.

A revisit to Nobu West's Mackerel 'Shioyaki' And Vegetable Salad

A revisit to Nobu West’s Mackerel ‘Shioyaki’ And Vegetable Salad

By the way, I did do a taste test of the Columela v the O Sherry:

Side by Side

Between shots of water to cleanse my palate, I definitely preferred the O Sherry.  By comparison, I just felt the Columela just had too many harsh notes.

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