Eric Ripert’s Lemon Confit

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So I thought I would take another crack at remaking Chef Ripert’s dish of Poached White Fish With Lemon Confit Miso And Mushroom Consomme.  But to do that, I first needed to learn how to make his lemon confit. For Chef Ripert’s lemon confit, I found his recipe at:

But that seemed an awful lot to make, given the size of my refridgerator. So I adjusted this for a single lemon and determined that I needed

6 oz+ 4t  (10 T + 4 t) kosher salt (I used sea salt here)
2 1/2 t  sugar
1 lemon, scrubbed and quartered – and I decided to use a meyer lemon for this dish

The ingredients for the confit

So I began by figuring out how much 6oz of salt was and that turned out to be ~10 Tbls.  At that point it was a a quick mix of

The meyer lemon quartered

the salt and sugar.  I then made sure I had a nicely washed meyer lemon that I quartered for to make the confit.  Chef Ripert suggested tossing the  lemon quarters in half the salt/sugar mix; but I thought I’d be packing it in sugar/salt and decided to

tossing the lemon pieces with a bit of the salt/sugar

use a fraction of that amount and then to just coat them with the salt/sugar mix.  I then layer the lemon pieces in the jar,

Starting the layering process

covering them with the remaining salt/sugar bit by bit.

salt/sugar packing of the lemon confit all done

Now I had to wait while the lemon confit cured in my refridgerator.   I’ll continue the next installment of the story in about 2 weeks from now when the confit is ready.


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