Broiled Arctic Char, Nobu Style

In Nobu Now, there is a recipe for Grilled Salmon With Baby Spinach Chips.  This dish currently appears as Tasmanian Ocean Trout With Baby Spinach at a number of Nobu’s restaurants. In that recipe, the sauce is a drizzle of 2 parts clarified butter to 1 part ponzu. I’ve tried that recipe before and felt it was a little heavy on the butter. However, in the sauces/dressings/salsas section of the book there’s a recipe for butter ponzu sauce that’s 21 to 5 mix of ponzu to clarified butter.  Additionally, there is a ‘simple butter ponzu’ sauce that accompanies Nobu’s King Crab Claw Tempura that is 4 to 1 ponzu to clarfied butter mix – I’d almost venture to guess that the butter to ponzu proportions in the Grilled Salmon With Baby Spinach Chips might almost be backwards.  That being said, I retry the dish done with my wife’s favorite fish – arctic char for supper this past Saturday night.

So I went to Legal Seafood seafood market to get some arctic char fillets (skin on). The preparation I planned to use was to broil the fish.  I prepped the fish by rinsing it and then making sure the fish was dry by wiping/dabbing the moisture off the surface of the fish – especially the skin.  I seasoned the fillets with a 4:1 salt/pepper mix and placed it broiler for about 10 minutes – just long enough to make sure the char was just cooked through and the skin was nice and crisp.  Now my wife is not a fan of butter, so I mixed up a sauce of 3 tablespoons of ponzu to 1 tablespoon of finely minced scallions (green part only) for her serving of arctic char – the proportion of ponzu to scallions I used was derived from the toro collar steak recipe from Nobu West.  For myself, I melted 1 tablespoon of clarified butter to the remaining 4 tablespoons of ponzu.

For both of us, I plated the arctic char with a side of blanched haricots vert. For my wife’s portion, I placed her scallion ponzu sauce in ramekin along side her plate of arctic char and haricots vert.  For my portion, I poured the butter ponzu into the plate.  It seemed to me that this combination was more of what I had expected from the original Grilled Salmon With Baby Spinach Chips recipe

Broiled Arctic Char With Haricots Vert And Butter Ponzu

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