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On Soboro

Previously, on * As I had mentioned earlier, “….Growing up, my mother used to make me (乾)拌麵 “(Gan) Ban Mien” (Mand.) [“Giao Mi” (TW)] which literally means “(dry) stir noodles”. Basically, it was a ground meat sauce flavored with garlic, rice wine (read: sake), soy with whatever vegetables were on hand and thickened […]

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Recently my wife wanted something light – what with the recent stretch of hot weather here in the Boston area.  I thought the easiest thing to do would be to make a yosenabe. Over the years, I’ve had yosenabe in the Boston area and occasionally, they have noodles added to the dish (making the yosenabe […]


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On Suimono

As I mentioned in my prior writing on dashi, one of the simple dishes that left an impression on me was the suimono years ago at Shinwa in Alpine. Kiku Alpine now resides in the old Shinwa location now. My family and I decided to have a teppanyaki dinner at Kiku Alpine 19 Dec 2010.  […]

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