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Cherry Jello From Nobu Now

Previously, on – * * So now, I felt ready to try making that dessert from Nobu Now – Cherry Jello (p. 222-225) with my vegan twist. I went and got a bottle of Angeline Chardonnay (part of the Martin Ray family) and a bottle of the Trimbach Kirschwasser.  Going though the […]

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Dashi Gelee

Previously, on – * One of the things my niece really loved at her very first omakase dinner at Morimoto NYC was: Bonito/Katsuo tataki shaved smoked katsuobushi, black truffle, smoked katsuobushi dashi agar gelee, wakame that was handed to us by Omae-san. She’s been after me to make that dish.  One of the […]

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Yuzu Gelatin (aka Yuzu no Neri)

Previously, on – * * While my wife and I were visiting my parents, I contemplated how I would approach Murata-san’s Fruit Jelly dessert (Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine Of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant, p.186). After having done Iron Chef Chen’s almond pudding/tofu, I thought I’d try a dessert from Hiroko Shimbo’s The Japanese […]

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