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Iron Chef Chen’s Pomegranate Jelly (vegan version)

Previously, on – * So based on my experience with making Iron Chef Chen’s Almond Tofu, I thought I’d take a stab at his Pomegranate Jelly dessert. The recipe for the Pomegranate Jelly can be found in Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese (p. 101). The original recipe calls for – 4/5 c 200ml […]

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Murata’s Fruit Jelly Dessert

Happy new year! When I’d  gotten Yoshihiro Murata’s Kikunoi: The Exquisite Cuisine Of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant, I think the first recipe I wanted to try from the book was Murata-san’s Fruit Jelly.  It just seemed to be such a festive holiday dessert.  Murata’s Fruit Jelly can be found online at: Note: describes a […]

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Yuzu Gelatin (aka Yuzu no Neri)

Previously, on – * * While my wife and I were visiting my parents, I contemplated how I would approach Murata-san’s Fruit Jelly dessert (Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine Of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant, p.186). After having done Iron Chef Chen’s almond pudding/tofu, I thought I’d try a dessert from Hiroko Shimbo’s The Japanese […]

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Iron Chef Chen’s Almond Pudding (vegan version)

Previously, on – * So as I wrote earlier, I’ve been wanting to get back to making the classical almond tofu dessert after having mixed results over the years.   Thank you, Iron Chef Chen for sharing your version of the recipe – since I’ve tried a bunch of your recipes from your cookbook, […]

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Substituting Agar For Gelatin

A couple of years ago, I tried to make ‘almond tofu’ from scratch using agar but got mixed results; and most of the time, the end result was too firm or didn’t quite have that ‘jiggle factor’ that kinugoshi tofu has.  Iron Chef Chen has an ‘almond pudding’ (which he also refers to as ‘annin […]

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