Agar ‘Jell-O’

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As I mentioned during the dashi gelee write up, I thought I was now ready to try to make a fruit Jell-O swapping out the gelatin for agar. Because of the acidic constraint on agar as mentioned here:

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I thought I would use double the amount of agar for things like citrus, pineapple, and cherry juices.  My first take on this would be to modify the yuzu no neri dessert to be:

all the ingredients for vegan ‘Jello-O’

1/2 c boiling hot water
2 T yuzu juice
1 T + 1t monkfruit sugar (thank you Matsuhisa-sama!)
1/4 t agar powder

So the water and yuzu juice would make up the 5/8 cup of liquid just as in the dashi gelee formulation.  So I proceeded get some water boiling and extracted a half cup, and while boiling dissolved the monkfruit sweetener, then the agar (dissolved) and finally the

All the combined ingredients into a ramekin

yuzu juice.  I poured the contents into a ceramic ramekin and let it sit on the counter to cool to room temperature and then put it into the refridgerator to chill for about 2 hours.

Out of the refridgerator, just set

After the 2 hours, the ‘Jell-O’ appeared to have set and so I tried to turn it out onto a dessert plate.  It mostly came out in one piece, with a little bit of the bottom still attached to the bottom of the ramekin.  The remainder slight broke off and tumbled onto the

yuzu ‘Jell-O’ ready for tasting

plate.  The texture was right, the softness/stiffness was right.  The only comment from my wife on tasting this was that she suggested less sweetener for a slightly more tart yuzu flavor.  So, now that I know the measures for these ingredients, I think I can tackle the Nobu Now Cherry Jello.

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