Adria-Style Toasted Bread With Chocolate

I was thinking about how to make a quick simple dessert on a warm fall day. Looking through my library, I found Ferran Adria’s Toasted Bread With Bittersweet Chocolate (Food & Wine Chef Recipes Made Easy,p. 11).  I found the online recipe at:

The recipe was staggeringly simple.  But I wanted to add my own twist to it.  It occurred to me I could make version of three toast slices, each with a different fruit preserve, covered with molten chocolate.   To avoid making this variation cloying sweet, I opted to shave a bar of Ghiradelli 100% chocolate (no sugar) to cover each portion of preserve on each slice.

To prepare the dessert, I began by taking a mini baguette and sliced oblong slices, cut on a bias.   I got a group of three baguette slices

baguette slices (top to bottom) blueberry preserves, strawberry jam, seville marmelade

onto a foil lined baking sheet. Each slice was topped with either seville marmalade, strawberry or blueberry jam (about a teaspoon each).  I carefully spooned about 1 teaspoon of shaved 100% chocolate over each slice.  Into a 450 degree F preheated oven, I placed the tray well

topped with shaved 100% chocolate (sugarless)

away from the broiler elements and broiled the topped baguette slices for about 3 minutes until the chocolate was just melted through.

When I got the tray out of the oven, I drizzled a line of extra virgin olive oil lengthwise along the middle of each slice and then lightly

out of the oven and each drizzled with a little olive oil

sprinkled a little sea salt over each slice.

finished with a light sprinkle of sea sal

I had made a small sample Chef Adria’s original recipe just before trying this variation thinking of chocolate covered fruit (cherries, strawberries, orange peel, etc).  As my wife and I tasted this variation, we both agreed this was nice way to finish a dinner.  The dessert had that textural crunch and was not cloying sweet.  In addition of the rich mouth-feel coming from the extra virgin olive oil, there was the extra dimension of fruit flavor lending its sweetness to the chocolate with the salt to contrast the sweetness and slightly bitter chocolate flavor.  I could see making samples of these as part of a dessert tasting course offering.


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