Scaling Shari (Sushi Rice For Nigiri)

I’d recently figured out that my family liked sushi rice made with 2 teaspoons of sushi vinegar per rice bowl of rice. As I began thinking about the holiday meal later this year, I began thinking about Matsuhisa-sama’s rice course – 5 pieces of nigiri as the last savory omakase course offering. Nobu: The Sushi Book (p. 56), indicates that the amount of shari per piece of nigiri was about 1 generous tablespoon.

But how many tablespoons of rice were in my rice bowl?

Well, I took a little time tonight to scoop out tablespoons of rice out of one of my rice bowls filled with untreated rice. As it turned out, there was about 10 tablespoons in that rice bowl. That meant 5 pieces of nigiri required sushi rice made from 5 generous tablespoons of rice with 1 teaspoon of sushi vinegar. So that meant the smallest amount of shari I could
make was about 10 tablespoons – course portions (10 pieces of nigiri) for two diners.

So now I had a way to scale/approximate the amount of shari when I was planning the amount of nigiri to make as part of a home dinner.


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