Ingredient Alert

My wife and I just got back shopping at H-Mart, Burlington, MA.  What got my attention was the meat case – in it, they had Snake River Farms Kobe, cut for shabu-shabu, suikiyaki, and bulgogi.  Additionally, they also offered the thin-sliced version of SRF zabuton for ‘galbi gui’.  My wife and I had a conversation with one of the butchers there and were told (1) SRF is now a daily product for H-Mart Burlington, (2) they get whole pieces of the American Kobe that they cut on site for shabu shabu, etc and (3) on request, you can get steak/roast sized cuts of the SRF beef.

I’m curious if SRF American Kobe is now a standard item at all the H-Mart stores.

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