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Resourcefulness and repurposing

Previously, on – * Last weekend, I had made quite a bit of cabernet chuck roast beef stew. While most of the stew was finished over the course of a few days, I still had a bit of the stew braising liquid.   Observing that I hadn’t used a roux in the stew, I […]

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Crisp Skin Striped Bass With Sauce Bordelaise

Previously, on * So I had leftover bordelaise from last Sunday’s SRF ribeye dinner.  What to do?  So I looked about the web and came across Jennifer Che’s visit to Per Se – As I was looking through her report of the lunch there, I noticed the striped bass course with the […]

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Snake River Farms Ribeye With Roasted Vegetables And French Laundry-Style Sauce Bordelaise

Previously, – * * * ..if it’s not literally a perfect custard, but you have maintained a great feeling for it, then you have created a recipe perfectly because there was that passion behind what you did…this is my greatest hope – you’re going to create something that you have deep […]

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