Ritz Carlton Dining Room, SF, 28 Dec 2004

The Dining Room
Nine Course Menu

Shrimp ‘Cocktail’
leek/fennel pureee, onion jus

Chestnut truffle ‘espresso’

Dill’d Lobster
uni avocado panna cotta, vanilla olive oil

Chilled Salsifi Veloute
hog island oysters, leeks, osetra caviar, kendall farms crème fraîche

Crab Salad
winter citrus salad, avocado, orange infused olive oil

glazed baby carrots, red wine braised shortribs, purple peruvian potatoes, swiss  chard

Maine Lobster
spinach, caramelized salsify, creamy lobster sauce

Pan Seared Artisan Foie Gras
spicy pickled huckleberries, crouton, fuji apple reduction infused with black pe pper

Squab Breast
savoy cabbage, pancetta, squab liver mousse, squab jus

Lamb Medallion
potato gnocchi, spinach, thyme infused lamb jus

Apple Sorbet
lemongrass sake gelée

Ginger Spice Cake
pumpkin sabayon, yuzu ice cream

* italicized items were ‘gifts’ from the kitchen

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