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Lobster And Nobu Watercress Dressing

Previously, on – * * * So one of the courses for this past Thanksgiving was fresh steamed lobster.  Originally, I wanted to repeat the lobster with Nobu dipping sauces dish that I did for this past 4th of July.  Unfortunately, my father was unable to consume anything spicy or sour […]

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Nobu Chilean Seabass And Truffles With Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce

Chilean Seabass And Truffles With Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce is probably the very first full-blown recipe I ever attempted from Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu: The Cookbook. Here’s a link to the online recipe – When I first did this dish back in 2004 (before my very first visit to Matsuhisa in Dec 2004), it was […]

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