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Nobu West Dashimaki/Tamagoyaki Unagi/White Truffle Egg Roll – Technical Notes

Previously, on – * * Last weekend, when I was trying to use some of the leftover sawara that I prepared like anago for a breakfast, I decided to repurpose it using the Freshwater Eel And White Truffle Egg ‘Roll’ recipe in Nobu West (p. 200-201).  Reading through the recipe, I thought […]

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World Of Nobu: Eel With Sansho Salsa, Nobu Tokyo

Previously, on – * With the warm Saturday weather (11 May), I thought I would try my hand in preparing one of the new World Of Nobu recipes which seemed approachable.  Looking through the book, I settled on try the Eel With Sansho Salsa (p. 150). Nobu West (p. 106) had a version […]

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