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Nobu West Dashimaki/Tamagoyaki Unagi/White Truffle Egg Roll – Technical Notes

Previously, on – * * Last weekend, when I was trying to use some of the leftover sawara that I prepared like anago for a breakfast, I decided to repurpose it using the Freshwater Eel And White Truffle Egg ‘Roll’ recipe in Nobu West (p. 200-201).  Reading through the recipe, I thought […]

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“Ham And Eggs”

I was inspired by the onsen egg course that Omae-san cooked for us during our omakase meal at Morimoto, NYC 22 Dec 2013.  The mix of the onsen egg, gin’an sauce and truffles really left an impression.  So I thought, why not surprise my wife by making breakfast?  So I was thinking: breakfast, eggs (onsen)…. […]

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Pudding things in perspective for custards

Previously, on * So, at my wife’s request, I added a chawanmushi to last night’s dinner.  While she wanted a ‘classic’ chawanmushi, I thought I’d go ahead and try a twist to my serving of chawanmushi.  Using the Nobu chawanmushi template as my basic method,  I added some sliced black truffle to my […]

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