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A Simple Thanksgiving Dinner

Previously, on * I am thankful for where I am, for whom I am with and for what I have.   With everything that’s happened in the last year, things might have turned out far different than they are now, especially with the recent surgery. Normally, I would have been celebrating this occasion with […]

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Planning The Thanksgiving 2018 Menu

* ‘michiba cheese and crackers’ grilled miso cream cheese, rice crackers * nobu roasted mushroom evoo yuzu soy, salsa * nobu vegetable temaki * grilled mackerel nobu watercress dressing * crisp roasted boneless turkey thigh paillasson, gravy, corn, carrots * dobinmushi ‘teacup’-style * nobu sake cup sushi unagi, smoked salmon, crabstick, tobiko, smoked sable * […]


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