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Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei-Style

One of my wife’s favorite dishes that she misses here is Taiwanese beef noodle soup. There are a few places where we live here that offer it, but she’s told me that their versions have a few problems with it.  To begin, sometimes it was too sweet, or the soup braise really hadn’t penetrated the […]

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Shintori Omakase Menu

This restaurant is located at: B1, Sec. 3 AnHe Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan Jan 2006 * zensai sakizuke ikura stuffed kumquat, sweet kuromame with gold leaf on lotus root and katsuo shavings, pickled herring roe, yuzu dressed nimboshi on lime, kanpyo wrapped konbu, toro with house miso, black tobiko stuffed ebi, daikon/cod roe “sandwich” * […]

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