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Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Recently, I came across a surprise comment from Matsuhisa-sama regarding his use of sugar:   : Nobu Matsuhisa: Sushi rice is — make the steamed rice, put the rice vinegars, and the salt, and … used to be I use the sugar, but we don’t use the sugars anymore…Most sushi rice uses sugar, rice vinegar, […]

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Nobu-Style Saikyo Miso

It goes without saying that this miso is crucial to Nobu’s famous black cod signature dish. It was also crucial to one of the omakase dishes that Matsuhisa-san himself served to my-now wife and I during our engagement dinner – the toro ‘steak’ with nori karashi su miso sauce.  It’s probably one of my wife’s […]

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