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Nobu Steamed Bass With Vegetables and Spicy Garlic Sauce

So when my wife and I were menu planning earlier in the week, we happened to come across this steamed fish entree from Nobu.  It isn’t in his cookbooks, but it looked like a hybrid between his Squid ‘Pasta’ With Light Garlic Sauce (Nobu: The Cookbook ,p 82) and Chicken And Prawns Spicy Garlic Don […]

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Morimoto Konbu/Kombu Steamed Fish And Spicy Soy Sauce

Previously, on – * * Recently, my wife indicated that she would prefer that I not make Nobu’s new-style oil over her concerns about oxidized olive oil.  After my recent spinal neck surgery, I needed to find a alternate steamed fish preparation that was easy for me to physically swallow. After going […]

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Reproducing Nobu’s XO Salsa

Previously, on – * * * So my wife has thoroughly enjoyed the steamed fish dishes originating from the Nobu restaurants.  Judging from the record, new style sashimi, sashimi with dry miso currently have steamed fish counterparts on the Nobu menu. Near as I can tell, XO salsa is currently being […]

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