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Dashi Soy

Previously, on – * * One of the sauces that I’ve been wondering about for a while has been the dashi soy that was served with the fresh tofu course at Basho. I understand it also accompanies the table side fresh made tofu dish at the Morimoto restaurants.  I finally came across […]

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Roasted Duck Breast And Succotash Salsa

Being a New Englander during the holidays made me think about how I would take a traditional dish and make it my own with a personal twist.  A main course dish that I had in mind was pan roasted duck breast; and I thought I’d pair it with an iconic New England holiday dish – […]

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Blue Ginger Soy Dijon Lamb Rib Chops

My wife and I like to have lamb periodically and it’s become clear that lamb rib chops/rack of lamb are our favorite cut.  I’ve paired the lamb rib chops with the Nobu garlic wasabi pepper sauce on one occasion and paired it with the Nobu Miso Anticucho sauce on another.  So when I got a […]

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