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Thinking about a scallop appetizer from Yoshihiro Murata

While preparing a recent meal, I noticed I had some leftover Nobu Ceviche Sauce.  This started me thinking about looking ahead to the holiday meals for the end of the year. I wanted to come up with a scallop appetizer for one of those meals.  It occurred to me that  I could potentially build a […]

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Nobu Chilean Seabass With Tabbouleh Salsa

Previously, on – * * …you may be tempted to eat a lot of it. But I warn you: This is not a main course to fill you up. Scallops are rich food… -Nobu Matsuhisa ( So as I was flipping through Nobu: The Cookbook, I came across the grilled scallop/tabbouleh salsa […]

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