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Broiled Mackerel With Morimoto Scallion Ginger Sauce

Previously, on – * FINALLY. THE MACKEREL*HAS COME BACK* TO NEWTONVILLE! (ahem, with apologies to Dwayne Johnson) It was a surprise being able to get my hands on mackerel tonight (7 Aug 2012).  I’d been really wanting to do this dish.  I wanted to do a cooked version of the classic mackerel nigiri/sashimd […]

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Broiled Branzino With Morimoto Scallion Ginger Sauce

While trying to plan for dinner this week, a thought crossed my mind about mackerel nigiri.  Remembering how Matsuhisa-sama makes ‘cooked’ versions of his famous nigiri offereings (think new style sashimi/steamed fish with new style oil and sashimi with dry miso/steamed chilean seabass with dry miso), traditional mackerel nigiri came to mind.   Many of the […]

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