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A Saturday Evening Dinner

Previously, on – * * * A couple of days ago, my wife injured her ACL and was hobbling around. To cheer her up, I thought I make a nice dinner for a cold Saturday New England night.  I thought I’d make Nobu Mackerel Kabayaki Don, Roast Cauliflower Nobu-Style and cinnamon […]

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Roasted Duck Breast And Succotash Salsa

Being a New Englander during the holidays made me think about how I would take a traditional dish and make it my own with a personal twist.  A main course dish that I had in mind was pan roasted duck breast; and I thought I’d pair it with an iconic New England holiday dish – […]

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Dashi Marinated Sake Roasted Chilean Seabass

My wife and I take turns doing meals during the week and Thursday nights have basically become my “grill/bake” nights. So this time around I thought I’d try to do a dish that was essentially a composite of some dishes I’d been thinking about for a while. In Nobu West, there’s a parchment steamed/baked dish […]

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Lamb Ribchops With Nobu Brown Rice Salsa

So after my wife’s black belt test, she asked me if I could make her  lamb for dinner on Tuesday night (20 Sep).  I certainly could have made the dish with either garlic wasabi pepper sauce or miso anticucho.  But I came across a menu entry, as of this  writing, at Nobu Dubai – Lamb Chop […]

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Roasted Hake With Nobu Chili Red Onion Salsa

I tend to have a busy schedule during the work week and sometimes it’s a challenge to get dinner on the table quickly.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons I’ve been attracted to preparing dishes like those at Nobu.  So Friday night, I decided to try and new dish combination using hake.  Recently I’ve […]

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