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Jody Adams’ Fresh Fruit With Balsamic Pepper ‘Syrup’

These last couple of weeks have been fairly hectic, trying to meet 2 week agile sprint/scrum schedules at work.  In trying to think ahead to the holiday menus, I needed to think of what to do for dessert.  I suddenly remembered a dish that I’d done years ago when Chef Adams came out with her […]

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Jody Adams’ Warm Asparagus Spears With Aged Gouda, Sherry Vinaigrette And Truffle Oil

Previously, on – * I wanted to do a new dish for my wife as part of her birthday dinner.  So I decided to surprise her with Chef Jody Adams’  Warm Asparagus Spears dish from her book In The Hands Of A Chef (p. 80). As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I’d […]

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Jody Adams’ Tuscan-Style Steak

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed going out to have dinner at Rialto Restaurant.  Two of my favorite dishes there have been the Warm Asparagus, Aged Gouda, with Sherry Vinaigrette and the Tuscan-style Steak, Arugula, Portabello and Truffle Oil. Well, I haven’t seen the asparagus dish on the menu for awhile, but they still have the […]

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