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Pressure Cooked Galbi Tang

Inspired by korean stone (bowl) grill, I thought I’d try Korean ‘comfort’ food.  And what could be more comforting than the hearty and satisfying galbi tang (short rib soup/stew).  And so I came across a nice version of the recipe at: Ingredients (based on the webpage) – 3 1/2 lbs of short ribs, bone […]

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Useful trivia

While beginning preparations for making dinner tonight, my wife asked me a question. I was going to make soy sauce poussins tonight and she wanted to know how long it would take to get the birds from stove to table.  It was a pertinent scheduling question since she wanted to help out and cook the […]


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…and now for something completely different: Phillipe Batton’s Cocotte Of Bacon And Country-Style Cabbage

So I wanted to do something slightly different but altogether satisfying.  Flipping through Iron Chef: The Official Book, I came across Phillipe Batton’s Cocotte Of Bacon And Country Style Cabbage.  The video of the battle can be found here: [youtube: See time indices: 7:53-8:20,9:13-10:00,21:30-22:15 (10 minutes left to go),30:48-31:42 From Iron Chef: The Official Book […]

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Ming Tsai’s Aromatic Pressure-Cooked Shortribs with Root Vegetables

My mother-in-law has been visiting/staying with my wife and I over the last several weeks.  During that time,  I’ve been busy cooking a number of meals that I’ve written about here.  Mom-in-law, unfortunately, never made it to our wedding back in Nov 2010 because of back surgery.  So I thought this weekend that I would […]

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