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World Of Nobu: Roasted Miso Cauliflower, Nobu London

I was thinking about doing a ‘small plates’ dinner this weekend. Browsing through my copy of World Of Nobu, I settled on trying an ‘approachable’ dish which was more about applying what I’d learned rather than trying to figure out measurements (but of course, I would be recording the amounts I used here, per se).  […]

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World Of Nobu: Kampachi Miso Ceviche, Nobu San Diego

Previously, on – * I recently came across: which I also saw in World Of Nobu Kampachi Miso Ceviche (p. 260).  Chef Matsuyoshi says in no uncertain terms that sauce uses the vinegared mustard sweet miso sauce. If memory serves, the Nobu karashi su miso was: 1/2 teaspoons                       karashi paste 1 teaspoon    […]

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