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‘Fast’ Hatcho Miso Chocolate Pudding

Previously, on – * So I wanted to make a dessert to end my family’s 2014 Christmas meal. I wanted to do something relatively easy and I thought about doing A hybrid recipe based on Nobu Miami Miso Chocolate Mousse & NYTimes’ Mark Bittman’s Cornstarch Pudding Recipe.  Mark Bittman’s constarch pudding base recipe […]

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Theme And Variations: Miso Fudge Brownies, Soba Salsa

Previously, on – * * * So I decided I wanted to try a twist on the brownie recipe after taking a gander at Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook’s Milk Chocolate Miso Mousse (p. 171).  Since I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, I decided to make a half batch […]

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I recently discovered that one of my coworkers has an incredible sweet tooth.  He’d been going after the commerical brownies at the Cafe inside the office building where I worked.  So, I thought I’d drag out an old recipe of mine to see how my version stacked up against the one’s he’d been eating in […]

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