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Pudding things in perspective for custards

Previously, on * So, at my wife’s request, I added a chawanmushi to last night’s dinner.  While she wanted a ‘classic’ chawanmushi, I thought I’d go ahead and try a twist to my serving of chawanmushi.  Using the Nobu chawanmushi template as my basic method,  I added some sliced black truffle to my […]

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Reproducing Michiba’s Miso Cheese Stew (Pt. I)

Ever since I saw the Iron Chef Japan retrospective “The Legend Of Michiba”, I was intrigued by his offering of mascarpone miso nabe which was also featured in Iron Chef: The Official Book (pgs 96,100). Interestingly, Iron Chef Michiba has a website which has a page ( ) that briefly discusses combining cheese and […]

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Roasted Chilean Seabass With Michiba Kanpon Vinaigrette

Originally, this recipe was Foie Gras Kanpon as featured in Iron Chef Michiba’s first match. I’ve been meaning to try this recipe for ages since I bought a copy of Iron Chef: The Official Book a number of years ago.   But since my wife isn’t really fond of foie, I began thinking of how I […]

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Recreating A Morimoto Omakase Dish

At the end of Dec 2010, my wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy another wonderful omakase meal at Morimoto NYC.  One of the courses that was offered was a steam poached/braised snapper.  It was an elegantly simple and wonderfully satisfying dish.  After a short conversation with our omakase chef, Ariki Omae,   I […]

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Quote Of The Day

…Third, I included at least one dish that a layman could prepare. I wanted the viewers to think, “I can prepare that too.”… -Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba on dishes for an Iron Chef match (from Iron Chef: The Official Book, p. 84)  


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On Dashi

My earliest conscious memory of dashi was in a clear soup ‘suimono’ I used to drink as a boy at a Japanese restaurant in Alpine, NJ (I think it was called ‘Shinwa’) back in the 70’s. There was that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that made me want to have additional bowls of it with the […]

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