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Cherry Jello From Nobu Now

Previously, on – * * So now, I felt ready to try making that dessert from Nobu Now – Cherry Jello (p. 222-225) with my vegan twist. I went and got a bottle of Angeline Chardonnay (part of the Martin Ray family) and a bottle of the Trimbach Kirschwasser.  Going though the […]

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Red Wine Braised Oxtails, Bouchon Style

Previously, on – * Recently, I’d gotten a request from my wife to make oxtails.  I should’ve known, given how much she likes trotters.  But how to prepare them?  One possible way I could’ve gone was to do a Korean-style preparation with daikon, onions and potatoes.  It then occurred to me to try […]

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Yuzu Soup Dessert From Nobu Now

I’m not really big on making desserts, or sweet stuff, in general. Periodically though, I will get into making a treat now and then.  Then recently, I had a meal over at Asian Gourmet in Concord, MA which featured ‘tofu pudding’ in ginger syrup as a dessert offering.   As a result of having that tofu […]

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