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Lotus Root/Renkon Chips

I have been wanting to make lotus root chips for a while since seeing this in Nobu Now (lotus root/renkon chips with tuna and white fish [p 24]) and Nishino’s Autumn Omakase (p 46). But I really wanted to avoid deep frying. So I chose to prepare this by: peeling and then mandolining renkon into […]

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Root Vegtable Nimono

Based on Tsuji’s Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art (p. 395 – ‘Drenched Radish [Daikon]), I thought I’d make a vegetable side dish for dinner tonight (1 Nov 2012), given my wife’s current dietary restriction (on physician’s orders).  What I thought I’d do is to gently boil 1″ thick daikon rounds and 1/2″ thick renkon (lotus […]

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