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Morimoto Lobster Soup For Two

This recipe was done (adapted) from Morimoto: The New Art Of Japanese Cooking For starters, I dispensed with the ginger in the recipe since it’s meant to go into the soup, and when I made the required shanton broth, I made it the tradition chinese way and added the ginger and scallions at that time.  […]

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Nobu Intercontinental Hong Kong Spiny Lobster/Shrimp/Monkfish And Tamari Sichuan Soy

Back on 15 May 2008, I came across an online article ( ).  In it, they had a recipe for Nobu Hong Kong’s ‘Spiny Lobster And Tamari Sichuan Soy”. The recipe called for 4 spiny lobster tails at 300 grams (~10.5 oz each), 1 large green sweet chili pepper, 1 large red sweet chili pepper,  […]

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