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Planning Christmas Menu 2017

It’s been a whirlwind two months since I started  at my new job.  So unlike previous years where I’ve had a bit more time to prepare the Christmas meal, I’ve had to take a more realistic view of what I could accomplish…. • Nobashi ebiyaki ‘cocktail’         endive, spicy lemon dressing • Siegel tomato ‘sashimi’ […]

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Planning Thanksgiving Menu 2017

Nobu Style Grilled Nobashi Shrimp Cocktail         Endive, Spicy Lemon Dressing Hamachi Usuzukuri        Yuzu kosho ponzu grated daikon, pink peppercorns Nobu Vegan Mini Tacos         Roasted Zucchini Cubes, Roasted Eggplant Cubes,         Grilled Tomato Salsa Sake Konbu Steamed Atlantic Cod         yuzu, olive oil, dry miso, baby bok choy Pan Roasted Duck Breast         […]

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Planning The Holiday Menu

Thanksgiving Dinner Appetizers * Edamame, truffle salt * ikura dashi jiru * yellow grape tomato ceviche * grilled japanese eggplant, moromi miso, orange zest Roasted Shiitake, New Style Sashimi     garlic, shredded ginger, chives, yuzu soy, new style oil Field Greens     Matsuhisa Dressing Seared Toro     Garlic Soy Pan Roasted Duck Breast     New […]

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