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A quick note on tosazu

…cooking is most about giving my customers little surprises that will lead them to make discovery about their own latent tastes.                                                                     -Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 10 So my wife and I were discussing what to make for tonight’s dinner and she suggested hamachi with a thought to hamachi kama.  However, the notion of […]

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Nishino Hamachi With Balsamic Teriyaki

Previously, on – * I thought I’d do another Nishino dish this weekend for dinner.  Looking over Nishino’s Autumn Omakase internet book (see: ), I thought I’d try doing his yellowtail with balsamic teriyaki.  Actually, the name of the dish is a little bit of misnomer, since it’s yellowtail teriyaki on braised […]

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Toban yaki, Nobu Style

One of the dishes I have ‘fun’ doing is the toban yaki dish from Nobu’s restaurants.  I was first served the dish (with toro) at Matsuhisa, LA as part of my omakase meal on  28 Dec 2005.  At Nobu Dallas (as of this writing), they do a salmon toban yaki; At Nobu Capetown, they do […]

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Morimoto Buri Bop

One of the dishes I like to do on weekends is Iron Chef Morimoto’s Buri Bop. I remember seeing this dish for the first time during Morimoto’s Battle Yellowtail on Iron Chef Japan.  I remember thinking to myself how appetizing this dish looked and how much I’d like to try the dish.   After having the […]

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