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Theme And Variations: Miso Fudge Brownies, Soba Salsa

Previously, on – * * * So I decided I wanted to try a twist on the brownie recipe after taking a gander at Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook’s Milk Chocolate Miso Mousse (p. 171).  Since I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, I decided to make a half batch […]

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Nobu-Style Paella from Nobu West

Previously, on – * While I was at Matshisa, LA in Oct 2009, I had an omakase offering of the brown rice paella, presented in a tobanyaki dish. The online recipe can be found here – I should note that there appears to be a mistake in the recipe; I believe the […]

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Lamb Ribchops With Nobu Brown Rice Salsa

So after my wife’s black belt test, she asked me if I could make her  lamb for dinner on Tuesday night (20 Sep).  I certainly could have made the dish with either garlic wasabi pepper sauce or miso anticucho.  But I came across a menu entry, as of this  writing, at Nobu Dubai – Lamb Chop […]

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