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Christmas Omakase At Home 2017

Previously, on – * * * * * So as I had observed earlier, I had to take a more realistic view of what I could accomplish since I didn’t have a lot of lead time to prepare.   As expected, the nobashi ebi yaki ‘cocktail’, tomato ‘salad’ and roast […]

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Murata’s Fruit Jelly Dessert

Happy new year! When I’d  gotten Yoshihiro Murata’s Kikunoi: The Exquisite Cuisine Of Kyoto’s Kikunoi Restaurant, I think the first recipe I wanted to try from the book was Murata-san’s Fruit Jelly.  It just seemed to be such a festive holiday dessert.  Murata’s Fruit Jelly can be found online at: Note: describes a […]

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