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Omakase At Home, Thanksgiving-style

Previously, on * * * * So thanksgiving this year was going to be a joint effort from my wife and I. The menu we had in mind was: Nobu Tamago with Smoked Salmon Roasted Shiitake New Style Sashimi ginger spears, chives, yuzu soy, new style oil Nobu Daikon Faux […]

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Nobu’s Daikon Faux/Foie Gras

Previously, on – * * * As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was intrigued by Nobu’s concept of “daikon foie gras” in his book Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook, p. 58 .  Matsuhisa-sama does comment that the dish was inspired by the chinese pan fried ‘daikon cake’ (aka “luo bo gao”).  […]

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