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Steamed Baby Pumpkin And (Jalapeno) Rice

Previously, on – … I don’t expect you to follow the recipes to the letter. I’d be happier just knowing they gave you new ideas and brighten up your day-to-day cooking.    (Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook, p.9)      -Nobu Matsuhisa My wife bought a mini kabocha pumpkin. I needed to do a Tuesday night dinner; what […]

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Baby Spinach Salad With Dried Miso And Arroz Con Frutas De Mar

So I though I’d try new dishes Tuesday night (11 April).  The two dishes I decided to go with was the spinach salad with dried miso (Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook) as a starter and the Arroz Con Frutas De Mar (aka Arroz Con Mariscos).  The spinach salad’s been around for awhile, but I liked the vegetarian […]

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Steamed Hake With Dry Miso

Previously, on – * So as I mentioned in my write up on making dry miso, I wanted to make Nobu’s Steamed Fish With Dry Miso.  An online copy of the recipe can be found here – While making the dish appeared to be a fairly straightforward process, it was a little […]

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How dry I am: Making Nobu’s Dry/Dried Miso

Previously, on – * * As I’ve been looking through Nobu’s new vegetarian cookbook, I noticed a number of recipes calling for dry miso.  I’ve made dry miso before for dishes in earlier writeups but have never really made any notes about my experiences doing it.  I must say that I do […]

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