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Soy Sauce Poussin

Happy 2012! When I was growing up in the NYC area, my family would go out to Chinatown in Manhattan (back the 1970’s) on weekends.  One of my enduring food memories were the whole chickens braised in soy sauce.  It wasn’t until about 2007 that I was able to locate an authentic recipe from Chiu […]

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A Weekend Supper Of Tomato Salad And Roasted Cornish Game Hen

With my wife away this weekend on a roadtrip, I decide to add some ‘new’ dishes to my repetoire.  Recalling how much I enjoyed the meal at the Ritz Carlton, SF, I decided to try a recipe from Chef Ron Siegel.  If my memory serves me right (with apologies to Chairman Kaga), Thomas Keller (Chef […]

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