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What is teppanyaki butter?

Previously, on – * * …Beurre beurre, donnez-moi du beurre, toujours du beurre… – Fernand Point After making the Nobu style matcha waffles and miso pecan butter, I started thinking about the applications of compound butters. One of the things I’d wondered about over the years were flavored butters as part of […]

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Nobu Miso Pecan Compound Butter For Matcha Waffles

Previously, on – * * * In looking back at my Nobu-style matcha waffle project, I figured out could make the ‘yuzu honey’ sauce garnish by melting 3 T of yuja and 1/2 T of water.  But what of the pecan miso butter?   After doing some reading about the web, […]

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