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Chili Shrimp From Iron Chef Chen Kenichi

As you may recall, I made Iron Chef Chen’s mapo tofu recipe for my parents a few years ago that was well received (with the caveat that I had tone down the spiciness of the dish).  I too enjoyed that dish and was intrigued enough to wonder how I could try his chili shrimp, short […]

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Steak And Onions, Iron Chef Chen-Style

This has been a Chen Kenichi weekend for my wife and I.  Saturday, I prepared Iron Chef Chen’s Mapo Tofu, much to my wife’s delight.  Chatting over dinner, my wife inquried if Chen-san’s Knockout Chinese cookbook had an easy recipe that I could do Sunday night.  In looking through the book, I decided on Chen […]

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Mapo Tofu For Two From Iron Chef Chen Kenichi

A few years ago, I came across Iron Chef Chen’s mapo tofu recipe online at: I initially made it for my parents with the caveat that I had to tone down the spiciness of the dish for them. At that time, I had reduced the spiciness down to about 1/8 of what the original […]

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Honey Broiled Chicken Wings, Iron Chef Chen Style

During Thanksgiving 2009, I managed to pick up a copy of Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese.  I’ve been periodically looking over the recipes since purchasing the book.  At some point last year, I tried one of the recipes – his Honey Broiled Chicken Wings.  After trying the recipe, my now-wife and I both thought the […]

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On Suimono

As I mentioned in my prior writing on dashi, one of the simple dishes that left an impression on me was the suimono years ago at Shinwa in Alpine. Kiku Alpine now resides in the old Shinwa location now. My family and I decided to have a teppanyaki dinner at Kiku Alpine 19 Dec 2010.  […]

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Beef Noodle Soup, Taipei-Style

One of my wife’s favorite dishes that she misses here is Taiwanese beef noodle soup. There are a few places where we live here that offer it, but she’s told me that their versions have a few problems with it.  To begin, sometimes it was too sweet, or the soup braise really hadn’t penetrated the […]

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On Chinese Superior Broth (高湯/上湯)

As I was growing up, I remember my mother feeding me her version of chicken soup with rice when I wasn’t feeling well. The soup was made with peeled seeded cucumber pieces cooked in chicken stock with shiitake mushhrooms. It was normally accompanied with cooked white rice on the side – to be added to […]

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