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Lamb Tsukune, Nobu Miami-Style

Previously, on – * So for the 2020 Memorial Day dinner, I was a little surprised to learn that we had a package of ground lamb in our refridgerator. I started thinking of, perhaps, making Shepherd’s Pie based on my experience on making a meal for the Lazarus House group in Lawrence, MA […]

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Anticucho Skewers (aka Nobu Anticucho Kushiyaki)

I hadn’t played with anticucho for a while and I thought it might be nice to do an anticucho kushiyaki dinner one evening.  Since the kushiyaki ‘recipes’ were not in any of the Nobu books, I called Matsuhisa, LA @ 8:30pm EDT 25 May 2013 and had quick conversation with Executive Chef Yasuhiko Homma,  Matsuhisa-sama’s […]

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Bluefish With Miso Anticucho

Previously on – * * * In previous writeups, I had mentioned that anticucho pairs well with a strongly flavored fish like bluefish.  So I thought I would do a roasted bluefish tonight (10 Nov) paired with the miso anticucho sauce.  The sauce itself is pretty easy to make when you […]

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While my wife and I were in Aspen, we had an omakase meal at Matsuhisa. During the meal, we were served a ribeye sauced with Nobu’s Red and Yellow anticucho sauces (basically Nobu Now’s Kobe steak With Anticucho Sauce). The dish was paired with a sautee of asparagus and eringi mushrooms.  When we got home […]

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